How often should I get my hearing tested?

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When get a hearing test?

Most people are accustomed to making regular checkups a routine part of their medical care. Annual physicals, dental exams and vision tests are all commonplace. Fewer individuals pay as much attention to their hearing tests, however. It’s not that they intentionally neglect their hearing; many are simply unaware of how often they should have their hearing tested, and the number of physicians recommending routine hearing evaluations is small.

When and how often you should get your hearing checked depends on several factors. Do you suspect you have hearing loss? Or do you already have documented hearing loss?

Your age and job occupation are other big factors.

You have to get your hearing tested if:

  • You are older 60
  • You constantly work at high noise environment
  • Member of your family insisting that you got troubles hearing

Testing vs. screening for hearing loss

Testing is conducted when you, a loved one, or your healthcare provider suspect you have hearing loss because you’re experiencing hearing loss symptoms. Testing involves sitting in a sound-treated booth and having your hearing levels measured, which are then plotted on an audiogram. This kind of test is often referred to by professionals as a “comprehensive hearing exam.”

Screening is usually done when you don’t have any obvious symptoms of hearing loss. Screening is usually faster and less complicated than testing, such as answering a questionnaire, like our online hearing test. If you are exposed to high noise levels on the job, you are often required to participate in a screening program to check your hearing ability.

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If you have confirmed hearing loss

If you already know you have hearing loss – confirmed through past testing- you should be retested from time to time, as agreed upon between you and your hearing care provider. You should always pay closer attention your hearing if you know you have a loss, and get it checked right away if you notice a change.

Why? Hearing loss is dynamic, meaning it changes over time. However, sometimes the changes can be so subtle you may not notice. (Yet your loved ones probably do!)

Hearing aids need to be checked, too

If you wear hearing aids keep in mind that you’ll eventually need them adjusted. You may even need a new pair, particularly if your hearing loss has progressed from moderate to severe, or your hearing aids are outdated and not working well anymore. In general, the lifespan of a hearing aid is three to seven years.

If you have cochlear implants or a bone-anchored hearing system, this timeline may be different, and you’ll want to check with your hearing care provider to find out how often you should get your hearing tested.

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